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Kompac to Highlight Anilox and Soft Touch Coating at Xeikon Cafe

The team will highlight Kompac’s new chambered anilox system, how easy it is to run Soft Touch, and switch between coatings suitable for a large variety of applications.


During the event, Xeikon owners and those considering acquiring a Xeikon press, will be able to speak to team members from Kompac and find out about how the digital printers and UV/aqueous coating technology can be paired to create more efficient workflows and provide new opportunities for everyone from inplant printers to label and packaging converters alike.

Suitable for both cut-sheet and web applications, these solutions provide a host of opportunities for Xeikon users looking to increase their offering with UV/aqueous spot and flood coating.

These solutions can be for both cut-sheet and web applications, and provides a host of opportunities for Xeikon users looking to increase their offering with UV/aqueous spot and flood coating.

See for yourself!

See how the EZ Koat 20 Plus was placed inline with a Xeikon Digital Press to create a productive workflow.

About Xeikon Café 

Xeikon Café North America is a learning event offered by Xeikon and its Aura partners, offering the opportunity to understand, evaluate and experience digital production. It provides the tools for commercial & in-plant printers and label & packaging converters in the U.S. and Canada to make informed business decisions. Through demonstrations, presentations, workshops and discussions, participants receive first-hand actionable information and advice on industry innovations and trends.

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Kompac Participates in XMYOPrint's DSCOOP Open House

Following alongside HP’s Dscoop Edge event, XYMOPrint held an open-house that included presentations of the new HP Indigo 30000, as well as our Kompac coater, an Omega Folder/Gluer, and a Diecutter from Young Shin. International attendees, including several guests from Central and South America, got a chance to experience cutting-edge capabilities and see HP’s Indigo printer in action.

During the event, Kompac showed attendees both high gloss flood coating for sheets, and "spot-not" coating for glue tabs on product packaging.

Special thanks to XYMOPrint for hosting such a great event!

This is one of many times Kompac has co-authored a solution with HP to meet the customer's unique needs. To find out more on how Kompac Coating Solutions can be paired with HP Print Technology, please send us an email.

Spot Gloss Coating Sample - Printed on an HP Indigo and coated using the Kompac Kwik Finish 32

Spot Gloss Coating Sample - Printed on an HP Indigo and coated using the Kompac Kwik Finish 32

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NEW FROM KOMPAC: Chambered Anilox for Soft Touch & Matte Coatings

Why Only Run One Coating, When You Can Run Many?

Users can now easily run a full spectrum of coatings including: high gloss, gloss, semi gloss, satin, matte, soft touch and more - all on one machine! The NEW Kompac Chambered Anilox Roller System makes it easy to run more difficult-to-run coatings like matte and soft touch. Changeover between systems takes minutes! 

For Quality Soft Touch and Matte Coating Finishes

The Kompac Chambered Anilox Roller System allows users to easily apply soft touch and matte coatings to sheets or web. The air tight handling of coating runs aqueous, matte and soft touch coating without drying and breaking down.

  • Chambered anilox co-exists with standard coating unit

  • Ideal for HP Indigo, Xerox, Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Xeikon, Offset, and more!

  • Available for the EZ Koat 15+, 20+ and 30+ flood coating systems in web or cut sheet configuration

  • Available for the Kwik Finish 32 flood and spot coating system

  • Can be retrofitted into existing EZ Koat Plus models

A full spectrum of finishes. Made easy.

The standard system operates with no coating recirculation and two-minute coating cleanup. To apply a more complex finish, simply engage the anilox system, where air tight liquid handling allows for the application of matte and soft touch coatings with ease. External coating feed and return lines circulate coating directly from the coating bucket, with no internal tanks or lines.

Proprietary servo-driven technology delivers a quality finish, with the same compact footprint and low maintenance operation Kompac has always offered. System can be field installed to most existing EZ Koat models.

Want to coat a substrate with Soft Touch?

Kompac Anilox Is The Cost Effective Solution!

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