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ENGS Commercial Finance Co. is a specialized lender that provides equipment financing solutions to industrial customers within multiple industry segments; printing, packaging, machine tool and trucking.

All our people, systems, policies and procedures are designed around this industry with goal of delivering best in class products and services to our customers. ECF is one of the oldest, most respected and largest finance companies in the U.S. We have been the lender of choice since 1952.

ECF is one of the strongest independent finance companies in the U.S. Our robust balance sheet and high liquidity profile affirm our reputation as a financially strong and stable company while at the same time provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that your financing partner will be with you for the “long haul” and is dedicated to the growth of your business.

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Buy As Low As...

Elite Label 10

Lease for $292/month

EZ Koat 20 Plus

Lease for $570/month

Kwik Finish 26

Lease for $2606/month

*Based on 60 month, Buy Out Lease and includes standard coating unit and Kompac vac. Leasing estimate based on July 2018 rates.