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EZ Koat Product Line

The Kompac EZ Koat product line is a small footprint flood coating and curing system capable of sheet fed or web applications running inline or offline.


  • Excellent UV/Aqueous Coating Quality in a Small Footprint.
  • Digital UV.

Kompac Guarantees 25% Cost Reduction Over Your Ballast Type UV  System due its Digital UV System.  

You Can Fine Tune the Exact Amount of UV Power for Each Job!

  • Coating changes and cleanups in two minutes or less. 

Yes, Change from Primers to UV and/or UV to Aqueous in two Minutes or Less.

Competative Coaters take 45 Minutes to Over 1 Hour to Change Coating and Typically Waste over 1 Gallon of Coating on each change.

  • High Quality, Built in the USA, Made for 24/7 Operation.


EZ Koat Sheet Fed Line

EZ Koat Web Line